14 Tips for Water Conservation

Efficient Irrigation
  1. Know how to run your irrigation controller and change watering times.

  2. Adjust the watering times (in minutes) and frequency of watering (daily, twice a week, etc.) based on weather conditions.

  3. Change your settings to adjust for seasonal differences and reset the timer when needed.

  4. Ask your contractor to install an inexpensive rain shut off device.

  5. Have a certified irrigation auditor check for leaks, broken heads and other potential problems annually.

  6. Ensure that your maintenance contractor is certified, licensed, insured, reputable and legally authorized to maintain irrigation systems in your area.

  7. Run your irrigation system after the sun has gone down or early in the morning.

  8. Do not water on windy days, as much more water is lost to evaporation than makes it down into the soil.

  9. Ensure that your spray and sprinkler heads are properly adjusted to avoid watering pavements and other non-landscape areas.

  10. Shady areas require 30% less water than sunny areas, adjust watering accordingly.

  11. Use a drip irrigation system to water trees 
and shrubs where possible.

  12. To eliminate runoff, set your clock to cycle 2-4 start times (no longer than 5 minutes each), 1 to 2 hours apart to allow water to soak into the soil. For example water three times for 5 minutes, instead of 15 minutes all at once.

  13. Develop a separate drip watering 
schedule for trees, shrubs and flower beds.

  14. Aerate in the spring and fall to loosen soil 
and reduce runoff.

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