Informative Literature

Here you will find information on the products that we use so that you can adjust or repair items such as the timer, rain sensor and sprinkler coverage area.

To view the Literature please download the pdf document by selecting the title.


50 Backflow Facts

Water Conservation

Fieldscote Moisture Sensor
Irrigation Tips
Report on Performance of ET Based Irrigation Controllers
Residential Runoff Reduction Study- ET Controllers
Residential Weather-Based Irrigation Scheduling Study- ET Controllers
Smart Irrigation Month Consumer Article Sectioned Final
Smart Irrigation Month Consumer Smart System Final
Watching Every Drop
Water Efficient Irrigation Study
Weathermatic Smart Line Controller brochure
Weathermatic Smart Line WMS sales sheet
Weathermatic SmartLine Automatic Water Management System #1
Weathermatic SmartLine Automatic Water Management System #2
Weathermatic SmartLine Automatic Water Management System #3
Weathermatic SmartLine brochure
Weathermatic SmartLine Myths & Facts
weathermatic SmartLine Solar
Weathermatic Testimonial-Commercial Flyer
Weathermatic Testimonial-Residential Flyer
Weathermatic Weatherstation SLW15 Sales Sheet

Self Educating Handbooks

Irrigation Design Student Workbook
Friction Loss Charts
The Basics of Matched Precipitation
Reduced Sprinkler Radius
Irrigation System Freeze Protection
Sprinkler Spacing

Scheduling Irrigation
Slope Irrigation
Handbook of Technical Irrigation Information
Residential Sprinkler System Design Handbook
Professional Turf Manager’s Guide to Efficient Irrigation Practices and Equipment
Precipitation Rates and Sprinkler Irrigation Workbook Instructor
Precipitation Rates and Sprinkler Irrigation Workbook Student
Water Saving Calculator

Irrigation Association

Bill of Rights – Turf
IA Best Management Practice Overview
IA Best Management Practices
IA Schedule and Water Management Practice
Understanding Certification

Smart Controller Performance Summary

SWAT Hunter Weatherstation Performance Summary
Swat Hunter Solar Performance Summary
Swat Irritrol Smart Dial 2006-1-9 Performance Summary
Swat Rain Bird ET Manager 2006 6-27 Performance Summary
Swat Toro Intelli Sense 2006-1-9 Performance Summary
Swat Tucor RKS Performance Summary