Weathermatic SmartLine SLW Series On-Site Weather Monitor

Save up to 50%+ on your water bill. It’s about Time, Money and Obviously…Water.

Take control of managing your water bills while keeping your landscape healthy and beautiful all-year-round. The award-winning SmartLine On-Site Weather Monitor combines patented technology with easy-to-use features, making lawn and garden care smarter than ever. When an EDI specialist installs SmartLine it ensures that your landscape gets the right amount of water, where it needs it and when it needs it.

How does it work?

The weather monitor readings and controller inputs for plant and sprinkler type are issued by your EDI Specialist to determine the right amount of water for each zone within your property. The SmartLine calculates water usage on a daily basis in real-time so your landscape investment is protected, while saving 20-50%+ on your water bill! Second, inputs for soil type and slope allow SmartLine to create run and soak cycles to eliminate wasteful runoff

. Last, the weather monitor has integrated rain/freeze sensing so you never water in rainy or freezing conditions  and comply with local regulations.

Benefits of Water Management

1. Omit What Isn’t Necessary:
Hours: comply with the law and avoid watering in the heat of the day when evaporation is high;

Days: eliminate watering on days when lawn maintenance or restrictions apply;

Dates: eliminate watering on annual event dates such as July 4th.

2. Rain delay features prevent watering for 1-7 days before resuming the normally scheduled operation.

3. Automatic seasonal % adjustments are make by-month and by-program into pre-programmed water schedule changes throughout the year.

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